Modular static

drying and

storage cells




It is demonstrated that the cereal quality is maintained. The storage and ecological static drying systems manufactured by CIRIGLIANO are the most effective option to make your efforts count.


The storage and modular portable drying cells are presented in different modules and are adaptable to any existing shed. Ideal for railways or open type sheds. Grains are not moved through the air but the air moves through the grains, avoiding expensive operations. Save more than 8% avoiding damages in poorly preserved grains.


Our SAMSON cells offer the best drying conditions and maintenance for your harvest.


Cells vary according to capacity and can be assembled in different ways. They can be adapted to old sheds turning them into modern automatic barns. These cells can be assembled in open air using a quick tarp to avoid transfers. The ventilation or drying system can operate with a PTO tractor. As an option, a gabled open shed can be placed combining the load with a higher endless and a nozzle in order to distribute the cereal in the cell.  The flat concrete floor allows the distribution of a duct under the floor combining the central underground end discharge with a mobile sweeper. Hence, with these options you will have the best storage system at the lowest cost per tons.


New ventilation techniques developed by CIRIGLIANO move the air through the grains avoiding expensive operations allowing the grain ventilation and preventing the proliferation of fungi and harmful insects. Forced ventilation through the grains is achieved with special perforated pipes that are self-cleaning, providing a higher active surface and preventing the ordinary clogging in circular drilling ducts located in the silo or in the cell according to its construction. Ducts require an exact calculation to achieve the maximum performance.

The selection of the fan and adequate ventilation system is in the hands of our engineers specialized in ventilation applied to agriculture. They are responsible for providing information about CIRIGLIANO's ventilation systems tailored to your needs taking into consideration the geographical area, weather conditions, classes and storage grain periods.


Harvest the cereal, store

and dry it in your own field,

at the same cost of freight and

sell it when you decide.






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